What is it?

Christianity Explained is a six-session evangelistic course designed especially for people with little or no Christian background or Bible knowledge.

Both our original course and those for children and youth (coming soon) are designed for use in small or large groups.

Topics include:

  • Jesus [Son of God]
  • Jesus [His death on a cross]
  • Jesus [His resurrection]
  • God’s Gift [Not our works]
  • Repenting [What is a Christian?]
  • Believing [What is a Christian?]
  • "Christianity Explained answered many of the questions, some angry, that I had about religion. It gave me a basic understanding of what Christianity is all about, and made me want to go on learning and exploring the Bible. I've come to understand that Christ was not just an historical figure that some obscure Roman governor caused to be crucified, but the Son of God, who really did give his life for me, and I treasure this gift."

  • "The Christianity Explained course was my introduction to any sort of Bible-study group. When I first attended the course, I knew only of God and that he may exist. By the time the course was completed, I was firmly assured in my belief of God and his word. I have since become a Christian who knows what it was like not to have God in my life. I compare this to life now with God and the known fact that Jesus died for me on the cross, and I am now trying to spread God's word to other people."

  • "Before I began this course, I would have described myself as agnostic. I believed that there must be a God, but how was I to know who that God is, or which God I should follow? Doing this course made it easy for me to understand Christianity. I now know that I have eternal life. I know God accepts me by his grace, and that my sins are forgiven through the death of Jesus, in whom I now believe.”

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